2014 Ford Kuga Titanium’s Features That’ll Make You Buy It

Practicality is the prime charm of used cars. But little do others know that there are also small luxuries among used cars like the 2014 Ford Kuga Titanium.More information car dealerships

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If you’re a private buyer looking for used car dealerships, you will regret missing this model.

So, before even heading to car dealerships, know why the 2014 Ford Kuga Titanium deserves your attention:

Panoramic Sunroof

Generally, the Sunroof describes the panel in the car’s roof, where sunlight and air enter. On the other hand, you also have the Moonroof, which describes inbuilt sunroofs that slide between the roof and headliner.

The Panoramic Sunroof in Kuga Titanium is underrated but extremely helpful. As what most happy buyers noted, it helped them see the Sat Nav screen better. They also didn’t need the blinds since the Sunroof was doing its job. Thus, if you’re on your way to used car dealerships, don’t forget to check the quality of the Panoramic Sunroof.

Sharp Style

If there’s one thing that the Ford dealers Beaudesert wide could agree upon, it’s the admirable, clean-cut style of Ford cars. And they’d definitely still say the same for Kuga Titanium. Its front will awaken your inner symmetry freak, but its rear will excite Millennials who are detail-crazy. Click here Scenic Motors

Meanwhile, inside, the design is confident and masculine with its huge sporty dials and middle stack that is easily accessible to the vehicle occupants. Overall, the interior has significantly improved compared to previous models, with its spacious rear legroom and cargo space.

Dual Zone Climate Control

One of Kuga Titanium’s best assets is the luxury feature climate control. It’s a system with two temperature controls, with each of them installed on the side of the control unit. Both driver and passenger can tinker with this and adjust their very own microclimates. This is great for kids sitting in the rear row who can’t stand the same microclimates as the adults.

Emergency Assistance (EA)

This is the system that sends an emergency call to a Bluetooth-paired smartphone whenever an airbag is released. It also works during the car’s emergency fuel shut-off activation. The latter is an indication that there’s been a collision. On top of that, the emergency call likewise utilizes the onboard GPS locator to give off the car’s location to the emergency respondents.

$2650 Safety Technology Pack

Satisfied buyers of the Safety Technology packed have been glad about the inclusions in this pack. Among were passive safety features like the Active City Stop, which stops or slows low-speed collisions. There’s also the adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam control, blind spot and lane departure warning and the driver impairment monitor.


Overall, the 2014 Ford Kuga Titanium is a stunning SUV alternative. With that said, since you’re buying it from a used car Beaudesert Ford dealer, you have to make sure its history is available. Thus, only deal with a reputable provider.

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