5 Benefits of UTE Canopies for Australian Living

Do you plan to travel across the country with your trusty 4×4 light-duty truck? If you do, make sure that you have ute canopies installed. Not only can these give you a good number of benefits such as storage and utility, these can also add to your car’s overall aesthetic.

On the off chance, you are going to put your vehicle on the market, adding a canopy can make an impressive aftermarket look. Besides, these are great for protecting you from the harsh Australian climate conditions. So, you are in for a very comfortable travel experience.

Whether you are going for a family holiday or a solo excursion, this accessory can provide you with additional room for mobile locker storage space. Now, all your photography equipment and other stuff have a good place to go whilst you drive cross-country.

As a matter of fact, there are more benefits to installing ute canopies in Australia – check them out.

1.Equipment protection

As aforementioned, you probably are bringing with you a lot of equipment for the long travel. Be it for sports or heavy tools, you definitely should have a good place to store these stuff. However, leaving these out on the open cargo can attract sneaky fellows all in for an extra cash in the pocket.

Aside from thieves though, you can also risk damaging your equipment by leaving them at the mercy of the sun’s heat. So, save yourself from all the heartache and provide your vehicle’s tub a sturdy and heavy-duty shell.

2.Enhanced style

The Australian ute canopies are designed with a tight locking mechanism that will stay in place regardless of the terrain you are driving on. You also have the option to enhance with tempered glass for a sophisticated aesthetic. On the other hand, you can add height to a typical SUV, giving it a hard-topped profile. The result will be a pretty nifty automobile with an imposing and impressive look.

3.Extra defence

Scraped and dented, your vehicle tray does take a hard beating from the sun, sand, and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, your car’s body paint may slough off after hours of driving in the Strzelecki Desert. These may all lead to the fast deterioration of your automobile’s exterior.

Avoid corrosion and rust and save unnecessary expenses from upkeep and repairs. The ute canopies are made to resist moisture and provide a sturdy shield for your light-duty truck. Therefore, guaranteeing you of a tray that is well-preserved and free of damage and wear.

4.Easily detachable covering

Do you want to maximise your vehicle’s load capacity? That is not a problem. Unlike the typical hard-topped SUVs, canopies are easily removable so you can have an extra space for storage. Hence, storing heavy gear and massive boxes will be highly possible.

5.Improvised shelter

Whether you are driving alone or with friends and family, you no longer have to bring a tent with you. The ute canopies can be your makeshift tent. Now, you no longer have to worry about seeing creepy crawlies and desert critters such as spiders, scorpions, and snakes when you wake up from your slumber.

Having your light-duty truck or SUV fitted with this accessory can surely have a lot of benefits. Not only does this add value to your vehicle, it also enhances driving and travelling experience. Now, if you would like to have the best ute canopies available on the market, head on to service providers that years of trusted service. Fitters and distributors such as PJ’s 4×4 can make all your money worth your while. So check them out. For more details, visit us at