Basic Rules in Tyre Safety You Must Keep in Mind

Do you think you need to buy new scooter tyres Sydney service centres offer? If you’re tyres are showing noticeable wear and tear, it might be a good time to replace them. With tyres as one of the contributing factors in road accidents, it is best not to be part of the statistics.

Research conducted by the Australian Automobile Association showed that the increasing number of people who switched to motorbikes & scooters is almost concurrent with the rising number of motorcyclist deaths and fatalities. In fact, the number of deaths over the 12 months to the 2017 June quarter increased to 240 from the previous 229.

With this in mind, you should not risk driving your scooter with tyres that are either over inflated or under inflated, misaligned, or shows irregular bald spotting. But you may not need to buy replacement Sydney scooter tyres.

Maybe all that you need is a visit to the service centre for routine maintenance checks and servicing.

Tyre Safety Rules to Live By

  • Use the correct tyres

Correct tyres mean safe tyres. Make sure your scooter is replaced with the same size designation as recommended by the tyre or vehicle manufacturer. When shopping for scooter tyres Sydney market has, take note of the brand, size, and tread pattern. All these must be the same on each axle.

In addition, the tyres must be of the same size, construction, and speed rating.

  • Never assume that the tyres are correct

If you bought your scooter from an authorised dealer, you can be sure that the tyres are correct. Otherwise, refer to the vehicle manufacturer or manual for accurate information.

  • Only buy tyres from trusted providers

Be wary of tyre imports and counterfeit tyres. You might be sold with tyres that are beyond re-treading but are retreated and then sold as new. You end up wasting money and risking road safety. With this in mind, get only scooter tyres in Sydney from a reliable retailer. See more here Scootech

  • Regularly check for tyre wear

Your tyres degrade slowly or quickly, depending on a range of factors. Your driving style, for instance, could result in quick wear and tear. Are you guilty of hard acceleration, hard cornering, and taking potholes at high speeds? A yes would pretty much explain why you’re buying scooter tyres Sydney offers more often than you’d like.

Other factors that can affect tyre wear are environmental, load, and storage conditions.

  • Place new tyres on the rear

New tyres or those with the greatest tread provide the stability needed for effective braking, steering, and traction. This is why new tyres must be placed on the rear, even when the driven wheels tend to wear faster.

  • Schedule regular servicing

Tyres are not the only parts of yours scooter that need servicing. If you want to maintain your ride’s roadworthiness, you must schedule an all-inclusive servicing. Have you scooters thoroughly checked for any issues, including the conditions of the tyres, brake pads, lights and signals, and all fluid levels.

If replacements and top-ups are required, the service centre will take care of all of them. You may not need to go far to buy Sydney scooter tyres.

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